The Executive Team

What sets us apart is our love for anything financial. We believe that mindfulness brings forth the best in us and sparks creativity and innovation.

  • Abdul Jallow

    General Manager
    E abduljallow[at]
  • Mulai Makalo

    Business Development Manager
    E mulaimakalo[at]
  • Amidou Kamateh

    Account Manager
    E akamateh[at]
  • Alhagie Bah

    E alhagiebah[at]
  • Mustapha Jallow

    Senior Cashier
    E mustaphajallow[at]
  • Amadou Juldeh Bah

    Senior Cashier
    E amadoujuldehbah[at]
  • Louise Baldeh

    Senior Cashier
    E abdul[at]
  • Sunkary Jammeh

    Senior Cashier
    E abdul[at]