About Us
and our Culture

We are MSJ Bureau De Change, one of the leading exchange and money transfer agency in the Gambia. With MSJ you can exchange, send and received money worldwide; whether you are an individual or business. MSJ makes it fast, easy and cost effective for individuals and businesses to exchange and transfer currencies worldwide.

We have been operating for over 8 years with top notch standard of services. Since our inception, we have gone to become one of the best in the Gambia; and also internationally recognized worldwide.

  • We offer a competitive exchange rates, reliable and efficient transfer services that is unbeatable.
  • We believe in giving you more for your money.
  • We aim to offer exceptional service, every time.
  • 99% of MSJ Bureau De Change customers would recommend us to their family, friends and mates
  • We are authorized by the Central Bank of the Gambia and registered by The Registrar of Companies.
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At MSJ higher standards always!
A corporate culture that is open and inclusive is significant to our role as a leader in the financial market of the Gambia, constantly striving for excellence in all that we do.

We love everything financial

What sets us apart is our love for anything financial. We believe that mindfulness brings forth the best in us and sparks creativity and innovation.

We are driven by our Mission and Vision.
We never settle and always looking out for the best.


Our Mission is to; serve as a beacon of hope for both individuals and business by providing outstanding exchange rates, reliable, fast and easy sending and receiving of remittances in areas that are constrained by distance and service un-availability.


Our Vision is to; become one of the leading money movers in the world with pragmatic technological financial solutions for greater efficiency and effective services